The Irente Orphanage

Operating in the same complex as Lindsay House and the Irente School for the Blind, the Irente Orphanage houses very young children orphaned by AIDS. These are the children with nowhere else to go and no access to food, clothing, education, or shelter.

The immense cost of sustaining such an orphanage includes providing funding for items such as wages for quality care-givers, furniture, toys, educational material, diapers, food, blankets, clothing, bottles/dishes, and medical supplies. We also try to provide funding for upgrades and repairs to the building when they are needed. With the help of Hearts for Lushoto supporters, Irente orphanage is able to provide a safe, healthy, and mentally stimulating environment for these children who would otherwise fall through the cracks of African society.

These children are the future of Africa, and with your help we are able to raise and educate them to perhaps lead Africa to a better future for the generations to come.