The Lushoto School for the Blind

The Irente School for the Blind constantly struggles with inadequate support from Government, which has promised in the past to provide adequate salaries for the teachers and food for the students. Unfortunately, the food budget shrinks while food costs increase and pupils at times survive on half the required rations. The Diocese, which is the owner of the school, also falls short of their promised funding and maintenance goals.

Some time ago, chickens and four milk cows were provided to the school to supply food and milk to the students, as well as provide some income for the school by selling the unused portions. Left without further resources, however, the area for the chickens fell into a state of disrepair and only two of the cows were producing milk - not enough for all the students.

An appeal was made to HFL in December 2014 for $2,500 to buy chickens, repair the chicken area, and purchase another milk cow. Jerry Greiner of Measurement Inc. came to the rescue with the initial funding, and we hope to continue helping with the care of the animals with regular donations from our supporters.

Donations also go towards funding salaries for teachers and care-giving staff, as well as clothing and supplies for needy blind children.

**Update** We received the following update from William Kusaga on May 2, 2015:
It’s only 30.4.2015 that we have managed to get a diary cow of the right quality for milk production that I am sending you this report.

The Blind School micro Economic Project is now complete after the arrival of this cow which was met by an extremely happy crowd at the School including the Children who had a choir specially prepared to sing for this wonderful day and staff members led by Mama Reuben the School head.

The chicken Project started on 5/3/2015 with 100 chicks and a second batch was brought in on 5/4/2015 with 60 chicks. The 3rd batch of chicks will be brought in on 5/5/2015. Maintaining, this interval in bringing in the chicks though expensive in terms of feeds, vaccines, and electricity, makes the Project revolve and gives the project a grace period to order in new chicks as the previous batch of chicks is phased out as it ages.
Hearts for Lushoto is very grateful to our donors for giving these particularly vulnerable citizens a chance at a quality of life that never would have been otherwise possible.