Barbara Matheson AIDS Education & Prevention Program

In March of 2008, Barbara Matheson and Jeannette Vatter travelled to Lushoto for two weeks to observe and provide support and direction for our first project, the newly developed AIDS Education and Prevention Program. Along with members of the Lushoto Community Foundation, they were welcomed into the schools and they visited many Grandmothers of AIDS orphans to provide them with financial aid and moral support.

Sadly, Barbara lost her battle with cancer the following November. In honour of her hard work and dedication to Hearts for Lushoto, the Lushoto Community Foundation members renamed our AIDS Education & Prevention Program in her memory. This program continues to make a huge difference in the lives of the people she cared so much about by providing personal safety training, HIV testing, and distributing female condoms.

The federal government of Tanzania followed our lead by adding AIDS education to the curriculum of all secondary schools and colleges.

We strive to empower women through support, education and access to resources.