About Us

The founder and driving force of Hearts for Lushoto, Carolyn Schoepp, lost her brother to AIDS in 1996. Carolyn wanted to honour her brother and bring some meaning to his death and, therefore, decided to get involved in the fight against AIDS.

During her research, Carolyn realized that her own community Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada, was twinned with the AIDS stricken municipality of Lushoto through the Canadian International Development Agency. Drayton Valley had already assisted Lushoto in setting up the Lushoto community foundation which is modeled after and supported by the Drayton Valley Community Foundation.

Carolyn founded Hearts for Lushoto and recruited members. The primary mandate of the group is to save lives through AIDS Prevention Education and to support the Lushoto Community Foundation in its efforts to improve the quality of life of Lushoto citizens.

Through fundraising events and initiatives we have made a positive difference in the lives of many people in Lushoto.

Board of Directors

President: Carolyn Schoepp

Treasurer: Crystal Heck
Members: Erin Hickman, Beatriz Linton, Colene Davie, Joelle Valliere, Gloria Thomas, Liana Jeffreys
Honourary Member: Barbara Matheson 1948-2008